Skellefteå IV 2015


I've been a bit busy lately. I'm going to change my job and I'm still in Sweden. Quite a few people asked me about the winter here in Sweden and I must say it was beautiful. I have seen northern lights and 90% solar eclipse.

Snow, snow... there is snow everywhere

What can I say about snow here in northern Sweden. Hmm, let's say that at some point there was enough snow to cover our windows in the office. It took 3 weeks to finally see the church from our windows.


Northern Lights

Finally, we have seen them! The solar activity on 18.03.2015 was amazing. It was even possible to see it from Slovakia. Unfortunately my camera was in Bratislava, but luckily Roman Jancik took these beautiful images of aurora.

aurora1 aurora2 aurora3

Total Eclipse, well sort of

We were also lucky on 20.03.2015, we had blue sky without any cloud. The eclipse here was around 90%. Photo taken by fellow colleague Claes Nordmark. eclipse To be continued. Stay tuned.
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