Skellefteå III. 2014


There is a snow in Skelleftea, finally! My mood is ready for the upcoming Holiday season. I still haven't seen northern lights or moose in the wild, but I'm still hoping. This is my last week here in Sweden this year. I'll be back on 7th of January.


Our situation with accommodation improved as you can see a lot. Well, with only one exception. The internet sucks here with it's low speeds and frequent disconnections, but apart of that everything is perfect. I'm in a shared cabin with other colleague, but with my own bedroom. We finally have enough space to live comfortably, everything is new and clean. Thumbs up Tieto!

The project is running very well, there will be another 8 more people joining us from Slovakia beginning next year (20 in total). Here are some pictures of snowy country.

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